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Dec 31, 2015
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Frederikshavn, Denmark
Dear everybody, it's with quite a thrilling pleasure that I want to share this wonderful opportunity, the Anonymous group has risen out from a distant cold apparel to actually take a stand. is their website, for you US citizens there's actually a vote register, you don't have to choose the lesser of two evils, you can actually choose to vote anonymous.

I as a foreigner to the US have put my name in the "book of life" leaving all my personal data, to stand up for this project with my own life.

We are the revolution, a bunch of normal people uniting to bring down a tyrant, that's what it takes!
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Free Jones

I closed my account
I would carefully read all the articals of their new constitution. I was exited about this at first till I came to the one which said under this new regime-is essentially what it would be- owning a gun would be a felony. fuck that completely. I'm all for pushing for ways to make purchasing a gun for the intent purpose of harming someone unattractive, for example pushing legislation for smart gun technology which would make only the owner able to use it, or even making the background check system for buying guns actually have relevant information which it does not ( in many places violent tendencies and stuff like that do not get put in the system for gun background checks, which among many others was how the colorado shooter was able to buy one before shooting people in a movie theater dressed as the joker) But making firearms illegal except for the military and law enforcement seems like a bad idea. if nothing else what do u do when ur in the mountains and 8 feet away from a mountain lion? or any number of psychopaths is trying to kill u on the street or in ur homes?
I'm sure since this is allegedly a movement for the people this constitution could undergo changes if this movement gained the traction to become a reality, but if u look at popular oppion it dosnt seem far fetched that an overwhelming majority of naive "educated" people would still vote to make guns illegal.
My two cents, the whole thing seems like bullshit. if enough people want all these things to be a reality than why would we need that reality to be placed under the jurisdiction of the state? if u think housing and food should be free than just do it. beyond squatting why not do what people have recently done in Spain and other European countries: get a hundred people or so and take over a functioning but abandoned building. we really can do anything we want, especially if the majority of would be voters were for the same things, we don't need the state to make it legal if it's what the people want. that's "democracy". throughout history people have done this and many times won. from veterans in the late 19th century building houses and community's in public pars to Christiania in Denmark to shanty towns in Africa to slab city. the history of the world is filled with this and it dosnt need to devolve into chaos as some people suggest. we are capable of self governing. yes! I believe it is a human right to have shelter, nutrition and education but I also believe when a state is created to provide these things it had better damn well prove that we can't live without it. if the majority if America would be prone to vote for this party than why dosnt the majority of America instead vote to dismember the ridiculous power corporations have and then proceed to live freely on land and buildings and create self governing comunites based on mutual aid. the cruel joke is I think there is enough land and resources still to support the whole of humanity. "until any power proves itself to be legitimate you must assume it is illagitimet-noam Chomsky

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