Thru-Hiking Vs Long-Term "Camping" (1 Viewer)


Jul 21, 2015
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Portland, Oregon
I had a buddy complete the PCT last year in 2019(Goose trail name, for his laugh). He lives very similar to me...vegan, substance free, spends very little money(like $1,500/year), hasn't payed rent in like 5 years....basically the nomadic version of myself. Hearing his experiences of the community on the hike, the abundant trail magic etc really was amazing.

However, for me, I am not so inclined to do thousands of miles, and I was curious if there are folks who are like"trail buddies" who just hang out in one spot for weeks/months at a time, like say around Mt Hood(im in Portland) and sort of take part in that culture, but don't want to travel so much for various reasons. I contrast this with how many people seemingly do the trail nowadays who throw tons of money at it, and then only to go back to thier crappy 9-5 jobs a few months later. My buddy said this stood out to him a lot...when more of these folks could just live like he and I, and just be a full time "trail bum" as it were, snowbirding between north and south during the seasonal shifts...

With all this rona BS going on, I've definitely have had more of a pang to get out and away from all this human-centric predicament; all teh restrictions, fear, lack of contact, lack of community(i live in a communal house that basically is kinda defunct now because it's just a skeleton crew here) I'm looking at wilderness options coming up this summer.....

Any insights welcomed :)
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Desperado Deluxe

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Apr 20, 2010
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I don't know the area but you could make a semi permanent base camp. Just stash a tent and stuff there. If your not there for long periods just pack it up and hide it. Get on a path that you can take a bike on if possible. Keep some canned food. Get a water filter, stove n such.
Heck if you got a job and do this it'd be pretty sweet.


Dec 7, 2018
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Colorado Springs
You want to be VERY respectful of the land and any nearby folks. Too many vagrants/bums have trashed the place they set up in. They get labelled as “homeless camps”, even if the campers are pursuing a chosen lifestyle. Be respectful, Pack it in - pack it out.

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