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I deleted myself
I myself think that a shit tickets wipes away more drama than a simple post.
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granola punk
Aug 3, 2016
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Olean, NY
This suggestion is going to deprive me of the enjoyment I and everyone else gets making fun of fuckers who have never traveled looking for hot biddies to join them in their mom's car while they drive across their homestate.

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I deleted myself
This isnt chtistian single mingle? FUCK

I hate when things are taken the wrong way though. I like to teach and give advice, and sometimes that is taken the wrong way. But usually by people that get alot of harassment. So id have to say leave the ego at the door and just try to be open and shit. If you tell someone you arent interested in any flirtatious banter or straight up to "fuck off" and they persist thats a different story. But dont assume cause youre pretty everyones trying to fuck you. Im sure 99.999% of us here like a roll in the hay now and then ;) and were probably mostly free/cheap dates. Hahaha. But weve all seen major fucking creeps in action too. So have a little class.
Anyway im rambeling. Adios

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gang goin dummy bitch yiiizzzZzzzzZz love u :👽:

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Love ur profile pic. She looks so sultry peeking thru the trees
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So clevar

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