the system is trying to eat me (and i taste bad) (1 Viewer)



I closed my account
the system is trying to eat me
all i wanted to do is drink my beer
to sit behind some dumpster without having to fear
got arrested once
got arrested twice
maybe i shouldv'e taken my parents advice
to quit my shit and learn to play nice
got arrested three times
got arrested four times
i just finished a couple o' 40s and im feeling fine
standing on the on ramp anywhere but here says my sign
i always knew they'd catch me
i know i'll always run
i'll pay the price and i'll have my fun
i have no patience for this shit
i need myself a crew and a pirate ship
a glock 47 and a couple full clips
a bazooka full of dirty rigs
and from afar i shoot those fuckin pigs
got arrested five times
got arrested six times
it's always for somethin so dumb
so mind warping it's makin my head go numb
i don't give a damn i'll still give passing traffic the peace sign and the thumb
only a youngin sixteen years of age
my soul is a fire and a heart full of love and rage
got arrested seven times
now im starting to lose count
fuck these people and their laws
i'm my own cure and cause
the system is trying to eat me
& i haven't showered for weeks
i reek like a dumpster
and these fuckers are going to gag
on my smelly pits and my dirty rags
i'll force em to puke me back on the streets
food poisoning from hell
they'll never get rid of the smell.
i told em i wasn't edible
they told me that wasn't credible
and shoved me into their fat ol' gobs
told me it was for my own good and it was their job
now their the ones puking like some drunk slob

- by the odd
this is only a rant of my
extremley ticked off self.
hoping for the best and knowing the worst
(i can't expect anything)

Post edited by: odd, at: 2007/06/19 17:39
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I closed my account
the system is trying to eat me

yeah, the Sasquatch sucks.

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