The SuperDollar- or 2 or 5 or 10

Oct 23, 2006
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novosivirsk, russia
Pretty darn simple, but yours truly ran this for years. Walk into mal wart or any superstore with vending machines in front. This scam becomes more profitable if the vending machines accept fives and tens. I always tried to walk up to the machine itself and pretend to be buying a soda in the case that cameras ever got reviewed. Next walk up to the customer service counter. Tell them "The soda machine took my money". Mall Wart will print out a receipt , make you sign it, and then hand you money. They don't ID you, unlike returns, and you don't even need to write a legible signature.
If sodas are 1.25, tell them you gave it two dollar bills. And they will give you two singles. If you are feeling ballsy, say five or ten. Once (in, of all places, Topeka, a place I hate with an undying passion) a d-bag manager tried to find the Coca-Cola delivery guy to open the machine and tell his schmuckness whether there was indeed a ten inside. Fortunately the Coke delivery guy had just left, and mall wart doesn't actually have the keys to their vending machines, the beverage distribution cats do.
If you don't feel like pushing it, you can always get 2 dollars minimum. Hey, it's something, if you pull it every day, once a day, that's 700 dollars from mall wart's pocket to yours per year. Fuck those motherfuckers
Aug 26, 2018
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central oregon
i figured out this one trying to get some chaser when the machine took my money. the manager was being a douche but i ended up getting cash in the end. he had a hard time believing i put a five in for a 50 cent soda.

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