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A while back I made a hitch to Nicaragua to visit my pimpalicious surfing buddy. I traveled light taking a tingguian tribe hammock ( From the Philippines). my patched up old army poncho, and a Snugpak Jungle Blanket.

I had done a bit of research on a blanket for the tropics and saw the Snugpak and decided to give it a try. all of the online "experts" were touting its ability to fit into a sack the size of a 1qt nalgene bottle....ok cool. Anyway, I bought one on evilbay, stuffed it into my travel bag and hit the road.

I found it to be too short, too thin and had very little insulating value what so ever. If you were using it with a sleeping bag etc. it would make a decent addition to your sleep system. But as it stands alone - nope. It also didn't have any baffels quilted into it for body heat retention.

In the long run I should have just taken an old poncho liner with me on this trek.



Jul 13, 2019
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That's interesting about the jungle blanket. I'd highly recommend the snugpak speical forces sleeping bags and the bivy bag that goes along with them. Very expensive new but I got mine used on ebay for about half price and have used them a lot over the last five years. The SF1 is a great summer bag and packs down very small. The SF2 does me most of the winter in the UK and you can put them together if it's really cold. The bivy packs down tiny too. For the size and weight I think they're about as good as you can get.

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