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Older Than Dirt

Mar 5, 2019
I went to the 1990 Vermont gathering, as a hippie-hating 31 year old punk-rock skinhead from LES NYC.

i spent the first couple days gritting my teeth every time some hair-farming jerry said "Welcome home, brother!" to me. By the end, i was saying it too, and had fully drunk the kool-aid. I gained weight from eating so well, and took a hot shower every day.

The last night, when everyone broke out all their drugs since we were all heading home and didn't want to get busted going home, i wandered naked in the woods tripping my balls off all night and had a "religious experience" of great subsequent importance in my life.

Book is a pretty good intro to what to expect from the whole rainbow thing. Definitely worth going to one. Even if you hate hippies- you might turn into one.

Older Than Dirt

Mar 5, 2019
On the other hand, when the 2016 Vermont gathering was a mere hour's easy hitch away from Burlington where i was living in a train-kid squat at the time, i never bothered to go.

So the kool-aid wears off I guess. Or i had grown even less tolerant of wooks by age 57 than i was at 31 (i don't think this is actually even possible, you can't have more than 100% hatred). Probably should have gone. i would most likely be living in a tie-dyed yurt right now if i had, tending my herd of goats and my beehives, typing this on my hand-cranked laptop. Ah well.

If you are reading this, you should probably go to one if you never have.

Matt Derrick

Semi-retired traveler
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Aug 4, 2006
Austin, TX
Whens the next one

Im down to go to the next one im currently homeless in cali

Down to go to the next rainbow gathering
@Hippie95 please use the edit button on your previous posts instead of just posting one line after another in separate posts. we consider that spam and it's annoying to have to page through tons of one liners that aren't helpful to the thread.

i've merged your previous three posts into one.

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