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Aug 4, 2006
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Austin, TX
Hey folks, so it's been just under three years since The Anarchist's Guide to Travel was published, and even before it was published I knew I would be doing a second edition because I did rush a few small things to get it printed in time for the 2017 Dirty Scouts Jamboree. With the pandemic going on and being stuck in Austin, Texas saving up money for my next project (a school bus conversion), I find myself with the extra time needed to improve upon the current information and expand upon the book in several ways.

Revision goals

I have four main goals in revising the current book:
  1. I'm updating a lot of the mentioned resources, as some of them are no longer relevant, helpful or exist at all (i.e. certain websites that are no longer around).
  2. Adding/updating photos that appear in the book. This especially pertains to the train hopping section, as I would like update the photos in that section with ones that are more detailed or better show what the text is describing.
  3. Adding travel stories to each chapter. The current edition only has one travel story in it at the beginning, explaining how I got into this crazy world and how it led to StP, etc. My current idea is to add one story per chapter, each story related to the subject of that chapter.
  4. Expanding on the concepts of 'travel philosophy', i.e. WHY people should travel. How travel expands your horizons, improves your ability to empathize with others, etc.
Estimated completion date

My goal is to finish this by the end of 2020 or earlier, if possible.

Free version of the 1st edition

It has always been my goal to release a PDF/epub version of the 1st edition of this book for free. Once the 2nd edition is live and ready to purchase, I will be posting the PDF/epub version of the 1st edition to the StP library for anyone to download and share, for free. This way folks that can't afford the book have an option to have this information compiled in one place (in addition to the information in the forums which is always free), and if you want the version with the latest information/stories/etc, you can support me by purchasing the 2nd edition.

Differences - 1st vs 2nd editions

To be clear, the differences between the two should be about 30%; meaning 70% of what you'll find in the 2nd edition will be found in the 1st, and 30% will be new content (updated information, new stories, and more philosophy) not found in the first edition. The 2nd edition should be around 50 pages of additional content, for a total of just under 300 pages (the 1st edition is 242 pages).

Your input is really important to me!

I'm always seeking input from anyone with useful information to share, especially if you've read my book before and have specific input you think would be beneficial. If you'd like to contribute, please reply to this thread! I'm always open to suggestions, so if you have an idea that you think would work for this book, again, please let me know, I'd be happy to talk to you about it!
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