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Telling Tales Like Druids of Old

Nov 26, 2022
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I'm currently working in the Rocky Mountains. Last night, I met a fellow traveller as into The Cattle Raid of Cooley as I am. It's this old Irish myth/heroic tale of a jealous queen, a demigod warrior teen, and a magical bull. I first read the Thomas Kinsella translation around 15 years old, and became totally obsessed.

So around a crackling campfire in the freshly fallen/falling snow, five enraptured audience members listened as we took turns telling the myths of the capture of the Dun Cow, the warp-spasm, and Cuchilian & Ferdiad's battle by the riverside. They raised their hands to ask questions, we made small asides to explain historical contexts, but mostly I got to get out my storyteller voice that I haven't gotten to use in a while.

The most memorable night of my life. I felt very druidic & magical. It was so fucking awesome. :3

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