tatternutz, creeping on female members (1 Viewer)


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I closed my account
"As a side note: I fucking hate FOSTA."

This^^ fuck that censorship BS!

I was wondering where that StP Meme thread post came from about the trucker, now I know....
that trucker meme i made featured "Turbo" from the show "Outback Truckies" who is a complete fuckwit. If you have seen the show and have a bit of knowledge on trucking or just a fair bit of common sense you'd see what i mean. He is a major embarrassement to the australian trucking community and they completely despise him for his ridiculous antics on the show. I just thought it fitting to use his picture in the meme i made haha
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Oct 16, 2015
And now....Ladies and Gentlemen...the moment you've all been waiting for!


Apr 6, 2013
This is not the place where anyone should have to put up with sexual solicitation...

It's Good stuff this community watches out for each other... I agree to infinity & beyond! ::alien::

Tatternutz?? ::oldman:: forget it... these clowns ::clown:: n truckers ::android:: can go pound dirt.
If we sense a creeper Gotta remember to use the report feature.

Keep the scum out... down with dope up with hope! Leeroy Jenkins! ::rage::
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May 3, 2008
Northern California
I think there's a clear difference between people mutually looking to hook up, and one-sided attempts to hook up with girls under false pretenses of just helping them out. Dude had a quantifiably rapey vibe about him. If you're just looking to help people out, and you're a guy, you don't specify "girls only" because that sends a clear message about what you expect in return for your help.


Nowhere bound...
May 6, 2014
Brunswick, Georgia
Glad he's gone. He never even read what I posted before:

You want something "positive"? Let me put it to you this way. I never got involved in having a relationship, period. I never had a girlfriend ever since I was born, and I am already 35 and a half now. I continue to pursue business and education long enough where I never slowed down or settled for a relationship. That to me is the only reason I remain single. I learned real fast that it is better for me to chase my own dreams instead of chasing women - or nothing else let the women try to chase me.

Now that the creeper got the ban-hammer, let me put it to you guys this way. He has to understand real life. He can keep chasing women, but soon he'll realize that the police officers nearby will be chasing him! And I will ROFLMAO once his mugshot ends up on arrest.org!

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