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I've never worked a straight desk job, at least for someone else, but there's usually some downtime in the ways that I have worked and traveled, or prefer to anyway.

I'm addicted to notebooks. Any kind, size, color. Blank paper, lined paper, no matter. I write notes, ideas, lists (so many fuckin' lists!), practice handwriting styles...anything. I like to read, as well.

I usually take some drumsticks wherever I go, it helps to keep the chops up, and I've learned that a pair of sticks are a surprisingly efficient (and legal) self-defense tool, if you ever need such a thing (hopefully not, tho).

Sometimes I like to just look up and around, you know? There's all sorts of amazing shit everywhere that so many miss each day. I would think the majority of people on this forum are pretty in-tune to their surroundings, you kinda have to be to survive out there, but it's baffling to me how many people in the 9 to 5 world just don't notice their environments at all, or even care to. Their loss, really.

I'm not an easily bored person to be honest, especially on the road or in nature. I could spend an hour or two skipping rocks or some shit and be just fine, flipping bottle caps, looking for bugs, old coins, whatever. I like improvising little throwing games. Rocks were one of the first recreational tools, after all...

And booze tends to enhance all of this, for me, so passing time has never been an issue personally.

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This reminds me of an episode overseas in the service - during an 'alarm red' (you don your chemical gear, blackout procedures, take cover, etc.) 'Quality Assurance' passed thru one time during one of these drills & caught a civilian secretary riding one of our own jet mechanics - gas mask & all! As a civilian, the secretary wasn't required to wear the chemical gear - however our mechanic was fully covered. Well, almost...
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who's in Grand Junction Colorado?
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