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Nov 17, 2017
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Oregone & Back Oregain: A Hobo's Tale


Hey all, this post is a heads up about an untrustworthy and abusive traveler/festival/GDF community/rainbow kid. She came to visit my and my partner's land recently with our mutual friend, Bilbo. Upon arrival at my place, she was very hostile and rude, despite a warm welcome. She blamed her behavioral issues on being differently abled/on the spectrum, coming down off of a several day acid trip, and recently getting kicked out of her housing for accidentally killing a pet bird... so we tried to give her the benefit of the doubt and extra accommodations to make her comfortable.

She was often petty and cruel in minor ways, such as hogging my partner's chair that she asked her not to use because she was sick and needed it. She was extremely controlling with resources that were not hers, including cannabis, so that she could steal what could have been shared. At one point, she asked my partner to brush grass off the back of her onesie and then flinched and jerked her arm as if she was going to hit her for doing it wrong, but restrained herself while insulting her.

She was abusive to her two dogs, punishing them harshly for seeking attention from anyone but her, while not seeming to care about real behavioral issues like groundscoring. We were uncomfortable having her around our animals and felt that her intentions were not great. She mistreated Bilbo's two larger dogs and forced them to be inappropriately muzzled the entire time she was around.

After leaving our property, she assaulted Bilbo, injuring him in the ribs, pulling his dreads, grabbing his chin/throat region, slamming his head against the interior of his car, punching him, and scratching the shit out of his face (photo included). She was manipulative, financially abusive, and extremely difficult to remove from his car when instructed to collect her belongings. It seemed as if she was intentionally stalling him on his travels so he would get stranded in winter conditions.

She claimed to have an extremely long list of allergies, telling each of us different foods. We attempted to accommodate her, spending hours and precious resources to prevent cross-contamination. When I asked questions about what she would prefer to eat, she called me stupid. While I was preparing her meal, she went through the drawers in my trailer and stole small dog/cat nail trimmers under the guise of looking for q-tips. She also stole one of my two metal dog water bowls, when I specifically mentioned that we only had two that we needed for our multiple dogs. She surely would have stolen more from us and our animals if we hadn't kept such a close eye on her. She stole items from Bilbo's car as well. She took things she didn't need just for the sake of it when she could have asked for help.

She left orange dark chocolate trash on our table after she ate it, and when I cleaned it up, I saw it contained dairy and soy - two of her major allergens. She told Bilbo she was extremely sensitive and allergic to cigarettes. Later, she smoked a cigarette. In addition to being a compulsive liar, she did not respect others' boundaries and consent.

I would highly recommend not to trust this person and be cautious with your animals and belongings if you meet her. She has two dogs: one small black scruffy 4-5 mo pup (Zim) and one medium tan boxer mix 9 mos (Gir), both unaltered males. Her last know location was Eugene, OR.
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Jan 7, 2013
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the pitts
ohhhh shit I remember Stormy when she was just a greenhorn piece of shit juggalo in Denver. All the statements sound completely accurate, and I can attest to her shitty behavior. She stole my favorite Dead Kennedys hoodie, along with a pipe full of DMT which she then lied about and said she "sat on and broke" which really meant she went off with her shitty juggalo housie friends and smoked it all herself.

I saw her some years later in Denver, she looked like shit and absolutely forgot how she had wronged me, tried to run up and give me a hug and I gave her the stiff arm, as my girlfriend at the time was ready to dropkick her to infinity, down those long steps in Denver by the hill near the hopout. I was like yo where tf is my hoodie, bitch? and she mumbled something like "i dont remember" and quickly walked away. We let her leave as it looked as tho life had a pretty shitty retribution consistently headed for her anyway...

In summary yes she is a horrible turd of a human and I'm not surprised at all she did any of the things claimed here, i'm more shocked you two had the patience to put up with her that long. Good for you two, and lesson learned eh? I just wanted to post to back you up and say yes, this is the same person I know to be a daywalking gaslighting lying thieving piece of gdf juggalo trash.

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