Ride Offered St.paul,mn to portland oregon.

Jul 27, 2017
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Saint Paul minnesota
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I posted a ride about a month ago and bailed on that cause I thought things would workout here in Minneapolis. They didn't so I'm leaving. I'll be leaving somewhere around Sunday. Gas would be really appreciated but not required. Gotta have you own food though and some good company. That s all I need for this trip. I'm willing to go a little out of my way considering the distance. But Hey let me know if anyone need a virtually free ride. Would love some company this trip around. Hope to here from some cool peeps.

P.s. I have a jeep compass. SUV. I have room for about three people and gear. I have my own gear as well. But I have room for about three. Let me know. I get about 30 mpg , so it takes me 190 or so one way to the bay. In case your interested in throwing me some gas it wouldn't be an astronomical amount.

The official place I'm going is Portland oregon. I have everything ready to go. I'm just finishing my laundry and junk.
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