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Mar 13, 2014
I always keep some of those Taco Bell things and some of those little packets of maple syrup. Also if you mix Taco Bell sauce or siracha with peanut butter you can make a damn fine spicy peanut pad Thai kinda sauce for your ramen.
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Dec 31, 2015
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Spicewood, TX
*Turmeric (usually powder, since raw form is hard to find; very versatile can be used w/ beans, eggs, fish, hamburger, etc., one of the healthiest natural substances on the planet)
*Ginger (raw form is readily available in many grocery stores, but I also carry powder for when I'm out of raw)
*Ceylon Cinnamon (I put this & Ginger in my oatmeal)
*Garlic (I try to eat a couple cloves raw w/ peanut butter 2-3x's a week to stay healthy, I also carry garlic powder)
*Himalayan pink salt (I got it for cheap at Winco in Washington state, under $3/lb)
*Black pepper
*Cayenne pepper
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Tony Pro

Aug 24, 2015
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Good question. I tend to get pretty elaborate with spices (though my travel buddies tell me it doesn't help my cooking).
I'm a shameless sachet horder. I don't know if you find it in more states than just Maine, but the Circle K gas station chain we have here has a staggering array of sauces; everything from diced jalapenos to creamy horseradish, and of course those little Tabasco sachets. buy a hotdog for $1.19 and you can stuff your pockets with a month's worth of sauces.
beyond that, I do a lot of hobo bread so I carry cinnamon and ginger to make my dutch oven smell like my mother's kitchen.
I'm not much of a forager but I'm pretty good at sniffing out alliums where they grow wild. Where they don't, I always carry a bulb of garlic. And there's often a packet of curry powder squirreled away somewhere in my pack, usually siphoned from the free food shelf in a hostel kitchen.

Jet Jaguar

Feb 17, 2016
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When I'm out Salt is a must, regardless of length of the journey. If I'm on a shorter outing I don't mind loading up with specific things for specific meals. But when I'm out for longer than say two, three weeks. I tend to just bring less other spices and more salt. But what I love bringing with me on longer journeys is an awesome ?Chinese? "extra hot" chilli sauce that is goat on freshwater fish. It's made by a company named Yeo's but I've never seen it anywhere other than a few Chinese markets in my home city.

Actually reading the label on one I have here says it's manufactured in Malaysia for a company in Singapore, so I guess it gets around!

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