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Aug 4, 2006
Austin, TX
I've updated the website rules today, mostly in regards to our spam policies. Of particular note is the additions to our spam rules regarding low-effort posting:

Low Effort Posting

While purposefully low-effort posting will not result in a warning or an account ban, it will be removed by a moderator and no notice will be given. The staff simply does not have the time to justify the removal of wasteful content every time it happens. This includes one-word threads, one word posts, website links with no explanation, nonsense content, one sentence introductions, or thread titles designed to circumvent the minimum amount of characters required to submit a thread (i.e. a thread requires a minimum of 20 characters so you create the title 'my post asdfadflkjad' or 'my thread title requires twenty characters so here you go'). These measures are in place to ensure you are getting quality content and so you don't have to sift through 30+ junk posts in a thread to get to the information you are looking for. In addition, putting effort into your posts multiplies the chances of you getting the responses you're looking for by nearly a hundred-fold, so invest the extra fifteen seconds it takes to make sure what you are saying is interesting.

Please reply here if you have any questions.


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