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Can someone explain what Slab City is all about? It seems like millennials saying "I'm going to Slabs" is becoming the equivalent of Boomers saying "I was at Woodstock."

There are true experts here, so I'll let them answer. Instead, I will present seven radical theories about Slab City that are not confirmed at this time:

Slab City is ruled by Auntie, power is provided by Master Blaster. They haven't been getting along.

The principle industry of Slab City is moisture farming, with a sizable sector of used droid exports.

Slab City is haunted by the ghosts of three military personnel that were killed in a freak drunken howitzer accident. They have no heads but still somehow ask for beer.

A feature film about Slab City was released in 2011 that starred Steve Buscemi, Christina Ricci, and Lindsay Lohan. It was titled "Steve Buscemi and Christina Ricci Take Turns Drop-Kicking Lindsay Lohan On A Road In Rural California For Ninety-Three Minutes: A Documentary".


For a lot of people, slab city is desert, meth, hotsprings, the range, raves, parties, alcohol, drugs, and sex on a nonstop basis. A lot of people catch their first STDs over there. That's the party crowd that usually only stays for winter. That's when the population of slab city swells and you just can't seem to get away from people.

Slab city is also a community of hardcore desert dwellers who keep mainly to themselves and their small circles of friends and build dwellings for themselves or live in RVs. They stay year in and year out and thru the super hot summer. They typically don't like the partiers and breathe a sigh of relief when the partiers depart which is usually by April or may.

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Aug 16, 2014
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Slab city is whatever you want it to be. Do you want to blow up shit in the desert? You can do that. You wanna do a ton of drugs in the middle of nowhere? You can do that too. Wanna catch up on literature? There's a library with board games and tons of books and all of the innocent stuff you could ever want? Like music? There's tons of it all around. If you just wanna sleep in a bush and cook over a fire and everyone else can fuck off. Plenty of space for that as well. Really it's whatever you want. There's so much room you don't have to talk to anyone. Or you can talk to everyone. Everything from puzzles and reading the Bible to meth and heavy metal.
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Dec 1, 2016
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I've seen video documentaries about the place. But I likely will never go there because, well, other people are there. Nothing against Slab City in particular. I just like being alone in the quiet of nature.



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Mar 11, 2016
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Just been there, only a couple days.. It's worth checking out, the hot spring is actually relaxing.. Got to meet Derrick at the library, and check out east Jesus and a little bit of salvation mtn.. In my opinion it's history.. And going we knew what to expect.. So we had no issues
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