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Sep 27, 2016
Hello all
. First post here so I guess this will double as an introduction, but I'm no stranger to the hobo life!

Due to life circumstances, I'm newly houseless. Started living on the road out of a tent last week. Home bumming it up right now but I have plans to hitch/hop my way south before the cold hits. Thing is, I'm deathly terrified of going at this alone. I've hitched from NY>FL plenty of times in the past but not when I didn't have a stable source of income, or with a dog.

I've met a few other travelers so far and was asked to tag along, but frankly I enjoy the company of my dog alot more than I enjoy human company as weird as that sounds.

My dog Asgard turns 11 this year, far too old to take on the road with me so I gave him to my mother. I'm considering spending what little money I have to adopt a dog to take with me, having a friend there with me would motivate me more because It wouldnt just be about me. Should I adopt? Should I wait? Any advice for a future hobodog owner?

Honestly the only thing stopping me is the money. Making money is no problem for me, I'm just deathly afraid of what I'll do If adopt and then something happens to the next day before I had a chance to make back what I spent on adopting him.
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Dec 7, 2014
If making money's not a problem why not just wait till you got a cushion you're comfortable with, then adopt? :)

And trust me, it really isnt that weird to prefer the company of dogs :p Im sure most people on here can relate
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