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Jan 20, 2010
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Everett, WA
I was looking through my photos from Ghana today (I have a ridiculous number of photos from that trip... around 11 thousand) and thought some of you might be interested in seeing a few. I'll make an album eventually, but for now, this'll have to do.

Oh, I got awesome news today! Some of these photos (5 or so) will be displayed in a new art gallery in Portland! It's called Fuse Gallery, on Morrison in SW. They're opening on February 12th and my photos will be up! I've never had my photos published or sold or anything, so this is huge to me.



Makafuri drinking Pito on the bus ride North


Xylophone Solo in an empty bar in Wa


Students at the slave castle


Ladies man in the church yard


Napping baby at the market


Young boy on an island near Kpando


Northern dancers


Kente weaver in Southeastern Leperocy village


Laundry day at Accra Polytechnic


Abandoned building project in Ho


Night life in Cape Coast



I have more here if you're interested. Thanks for looking!
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Jan 20, 2010
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Everett, WA
That is really well done photography. Get's a real clear feeling down for the environment.

Already said but grats on the gallery deal. :)

yeah great photos

Truly appreciated =) The gallery deal turned out to be bullshit (some things make me hate people... stupid goddamn boys and their hormones) but I'm gonna keep truckin on. Just got another battery for my digital, as my last one got destroyed when I was living in Benji's vw bus (not making a very good case for myself on this "not-a-hippie" claim) so I've been without my digital for the past month or so. Now I can document my trips again. So I'll be posting more shit soon. Yaaay.

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