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im thinking a winter project is to record some new tunes to busk with in the spring, used to have CDs and get 5s and 10s usually ("donation" in case you need a vendor's license) , but does anyone even do CDs anymore?? i was thinking make little art cards with DL codes on the back (i think you can set up bandcamp to do this gratis?)...anyone done this? other ideas?
We sell all kinds of other stuff in our Etsy store!


Feb 11, 2017
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If people like what you're doing, they'll buy CDS. They are still a thing, especially since people buying CDs are those who have money, and generally they're older and used to CDs. Plus you can buy a CD and then put it on your laptop without any trouble.
It's not the first time I hear about these codes, but I think an important thing for people is that they can buy something material, an object, to justify the money they're spending ? Make it look cute or badass according to what you like/your music (what do you play ?), if you can't/don't want to afford CD boxes you can put your CDs in sandwich brown bags, maybe buy stickers to print and then put on it, and secure everything with a string with a cute bow knot. I unfortunately don't have any pictures but maybe you know what I'm talking about ?
Anyways, I would say CD sell !! But then you might want to use the argument of something new ? maybe do both ?
Anyways, if you do these codes I'd like to know how it goes !
May 22, 2016
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I still buy CDs, records, and even the odd cassette because the majority of the music I listen to isn't available online or in any other format. It amazes me how much music is vanishing into the mists of time because it's not "cool" or whatever, so it doesn't make it onto a CD or MP3. Anyway, I'm sure there's others out there like me, so yeah, give it a try!
Jul 10, 2018
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Personally, I find buying CDs a much bigger pain in the ass than going on bandcamp and buying/downloading something there. If you were planning to use art cards, there's a lot of free QR code generators you can use to link directly to your page--if I'm not mistaken, the iphone and snapchat camera apps can both scan those super easily. Another nice thing about bandcamp is that people might be more likely to pay above the minimum price you set for a release after meeting you face-to-face. CDs do have a nice homemade feel to them, but I feel like they're becoming increasingly obsolete (every laptop I've bought/used for several years hasn't had one built in). Best of luck, whatever you end up doing!

Tony Pro

Aug 24, 2015
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Would you be selling the cards, or asking for donations online? Because if you just hand out QR codes and trust people to log on in their own time and pay for it later, you'll lose the magic of the moment, which is a huge factor in selling people things they don't need. If passers-by are impressed by your music and charmed by the idea of busking, that's the time at which they're most likely to shell out.
I think selling a physical CD is also much more attractive for people. Most buskers sell CDs these days.

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yeah i meant like, well you usually aren't supposed to 'sell' CDs either, but, "soliciting donations" for little bits of art with download codes on the back, that gets you a DL of something you otherwise need to pay for. i don't exactly know how that works and don't think i've ever seen a busker with something like that but they are everywhere these days, i got a cassette from a band at a show once because the DL was included (i didn't have a cassette player). i get the 'tangible' thing, which was why i was thinking make it at least something decorative. i might be speaking for myself but i feel like at this point in time a CD is just a chunk of plastic thats going to get put into a laptop once and then get thrown out, so i like the idea it's a little less wasteful (not to mention less expensive and time consuming for me to buy and burn the cds).
Aug 10, 2018
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I was considering this same thing when I go about my travels. I have a portable tape recorder that I can use to record my music onto cassettes. I imagine less people would buy tapes than CDs, but I think I'll give it a try, since tapes have definitely made a comeback and people still listen to them

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