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Jul 11, 2017
Current Location
Newtown, Sydney, NSW, AUS
Arrived to Melbourne by the skin of my teeth and I'm flat broke looking to sell some art on the street. Don't have permit (because what is foresight?)
I was doing it in Newtown in Sydney and no problems with cops or people, was pretty successful.
Are the rules/laws about selling art on the street different in VIC than NSW? Everyone has been saying Melbourne would be a great place to do this at so I'm trying to figure out what spots in Melbourne would be good spots and what the cops are like here.
*everything I read says it's illegal to do without a permit but I wonder how much they actually enforce this
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Felix Rivers

Feb 11, 2015
Current Location
Balgowlah, Australia
Possibly a bit late. But I sold jewellery swanston street for maybe 4 or 5 days before the council got me. Cops dont care, its the councils problem. They just asked for my permit which I didnt have and they told me I needed one and gave me some paper about where to get it. Thats it. No fine or anything.

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