Seeking Ride Seeking Road Dawg from NY to South and/or West

Jun 16, 2011
Current Location
New york
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I am in a race against the the clock. I've been off the road for 4 almost 5 years. I was doing fine with a job and a good place then my ex roommate turned on me got me evicted. So my old road dawg let me stay at the long term squat he was staying at. Well the summary is the people whose name was on the lease are friends of ours forgot to keep us informed. So on April 1st I'm back on the road. I'm trying to gather up gear and rations on very little budget. I could use a good and decent road dawg for companionship and to help me re acclimate to wandering again. So hmu if you care too

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Looking for a ride share & or anyone going to Cheyenne, OK. Roger Mills County's From Altus ok, before 7:00am Tues 23,, leaving Altus by 7:00am (Do have a few $ too help out!! Text or call, 580-649-8599 ASAP,, Important ""Court"": Thank you
Departing TN for Slabs on Wednesday via the big grey beast to el centro. Ready to ramble!! Gonna be an interesting and exciting winter!
First time getting a grainer with amazing hiding holes. Much more relaxing when your not freaking visible 100 percent of the time.
Anyone heading south or want to team up and travel on the road? Would like catch a ride or someone who would want to meet up and go south or other well cool spots to rejuvenate. Lol lets do this. ✌
I got some carpal tunnel going on from holding this sign. @Matt Derrick, you got some worker's comp in this bitch??
Gonna hitch into New Orleans tommorow. Anyone got any tips for where to stay?
In KCMO waiting on a sbd train, anyone in the area want to link up and grab a beer or six?

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