Seeking Ride Seeking ride to NY

Nov 7, 2016
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Concord, United States
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Currently in Concord, NC.
Heading to NY...Brewster area (north of nyc)
I've been hitching, if you will be anywhere along my route heading northeast and can offer a ride for any portion of my trip that would be lovely!

I've been traveling on 85n so far but any road will do!

I don't have money to aid with gas expenses but will gladly use my ebt for food! I have a few tales to share if that's your thing, been traveling working on farms for a couple years now, lived on the streets on and off. Would love to hear your stories as well!

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dumpsternavel wrote on Depresso's profile.
You in philly??
It's so funny seeing people all dressed up for court and I'm just here in my ripped up jean shorts and dirty t-shirt
Anything can happen couchsurfing. Including getting sick or injured.
Started working @ humane society today. Love taking care of critters. Hope they let me stay after running mandatory credit check. Wtf.
Looks like I should be hitting the road after the first of September. Will be nice to take time for myself finally.
yet another great sunrise at coney island in brooklyn, ny!
In Eugene... where can we meet people?