Seeking Ride SEEKING RIDE - Lima, Ohio to Dayton, Ohio/Cincinatti, Ohio (1 Viewer)

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Eng JR Lupo RV323

Jerk bouncer with an attitude
Staff member
Dec 26, 2010
530 Rackerby, California
Been trying since 8am
Sometimes it takes more than 5 hours. Keep at it, make us proud. Also, pro tip; Clean white cardboard, bold dark legible letters. Simple, one word signs like "Cinci" work a hell of a lot better than ”Tired broke hungry traveler had all my belongings stolen needing to reach anywhere but here" drivers ain't got time to read novels, keep it simple. You want yes or no answers, no pondering scenarios so long they've passed you by a half mile before they even reach yes or no do I pick them up. Smiles not frowns. Clean beats dirty. Less gear gets more rides than 5 bags & 2 dogs. And most importantly, look at the shoulder the drivers have available to pull over after passing you. If they don't have reasonable time and space to stop from the average speed cars pass you, you'll be there forever.

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