Scamming tips? For survival or making a living?


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Oct 16, 2015
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One more quick item for Juan :) If you consider a blow up mattress for 12 years and getting food at churches and food banks a full belly and warm ok brother! HAHA! If you need help surviving just ask us and we will help you out my friend. Even if you are a NEGATIVE NANCY ;)
i can't speak for anyone but myself but the disingenuous holierthanthou passive aggressive "offer for help" is not appreciated


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Apr 11, 2019
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But him saying i have a warm bed and a full belly without knowing anything about me is cool? Sounds like a one way street to me my friend :) If hes starving maybe he does need actual help. In what form is anyones guess. He shouldnt cry wolf or poor me ;)
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Oct 3, 2018
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Listen to this shit
Someone just stole ALL my gear from the bike. Everything. The bags with my life inside!
In Brawley, the town 20 miles from the slabs.
Fuck that shit


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Jan 14, 2014
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@Engineer J Lupo you're right but something was missed here..

I would be very careful with that attitude, due to what I wrote in my comment. It is so easy to steal and to misinform people, that once you start, it's so easy to just go on. If you keep justifying to yourself that it's ok to steal from X, you will soon justify why it's ok to do the same with Y.
It's a big and wide philosophical argument, to which extent we can/should justify small acts of rebbeliance such as stealing from the "bad guys".
Well, I'm not going to admit any criminal behevior here, but as someone who was justifying such thing from a big Walmart, I soon found myself trying these small things (and I'm talking food. Like, basic food such as bread) in smaller shops.
What I'm getting from this is that you lack moral integrity.

I've made my living this way for years and not once has it ever crossed my mind to steal from a person or a small business.

It's just an easy way to make money, and the only people it hurts are those who leverage their social position against those beneath them for personal financial gain.

Ripping off KitchenAid or Purina or whatever company isn't punching down. Ripping off an individual or a small business certainly is.

The fact that you were willing to go from stealing at Walmart to stealing from people is a reflection of your own failed moral character. Don't project that onto others.
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