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Sassafras Tea

Discussion in 'The Hobo Kitchen' started by AaronOnTheRoad, Jun 27, 2017.

  1. AaronOnTheRoad

    AaronOnTheRoad Celebrated Poster

    May 30, 2017
    Louisville, KY, United States
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    This is a tea my grandmother showed me how to make. It's really good, and it's good for staying healthy. It's known to help a few medical conditions. Before i get on to how to make it. i'd like to go over a little history.

    The Sassafras tree is fairly common tree. It can be found from Texas all the way to the east coast. The sassafras tree was used by the native Americans to treat conditions from sore throat to fever and asthma. Before 1960 the root was used for root beer flavoring. After 1960 the FDA banned the use of sassafras root because it's used in the manufacturing of the drug MDMA. Now, i don't condon the use of any illicit drugs and it's against the law and dangerous. You won't feel anything from one cup anyways.

    How to make sassafras tea:

    You're going to need the root from the tree. I'd recommend buying it off amazon. For a couple reasons, one you know what you're getting. And two, you'll know your getting the right spices.

    1.) Bring a pan of water to an heavy boil.

    2.) Drop in the root bark into the boiling water. You should boil the root bark until the water is dark brown or the color of root beer.

    3.) Take the pan off the heat and let set for a few seconds until you find something to strain the bark out of the tea. (Remember to have something catch the tea) discard the root bark you strained.

    4.) (Optional) Take any edible berries you wish. I suggest black barries or cherry's for best results. Smash them up and throw them into the pan. Bring back to a boil for five minutes. Remove from stove.

    5.) Strain the berries or cherry's through a coffee filter.

    6.) Grab a cup and pour a glass. Add honey or suger and enjoy.

    List of things you'll need:
    Sassafras root bark.
    Honey or suger
    Coffee filter

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  2. outskirts

    outskirts I replaced my coffee with Black Magic.
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    Feb 13, 2011
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    Mount Holly, New Jersey, United States
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    Sassafrass tea is good stuff. I like to gather my own roots to make it. You can generally get more than one brewing of tea out of a couple of roots. I drink it more in the summer time since it seems to make me less tasty to the ticks & chiggers.