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I deleted myself
ok so we started in salem mass. mostly motored to scituate harbor, slip fot the night, fine dining with boat people, many drinks. next day we made cape cod canal, another slip, skip gallager came down doers and steamers hell yess. shot the canal in the morning, caught a 6 knot negative current in woods hole scary as fuck then right after fast moving thunderstorm knocked us down but i got up there like a boss, stowed the sails and righted the boat. 5 hour steam home all up wind and spray. great times and i couldnt ask for a better friend or first mate. 2 days of fun one of hell. island cruising is a thing get at me if you want to crew


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Oct 16, 2015
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this is awesome buddy

if you want i might be able to mail you some literature, sailing charts. if you're interested PM me

and definitely let me know if you cruise to Maryland


Jun 17, 2015
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Hey that's great!
So FOR REAL NOW, me and a friend are looking early next week to go to the shore by Providence, then Woods Hole... Are you around that area anymore, or are you heading out more towards Provincetown?

I mean I'd be into checking out penikese island if possible, it sounds haunted and cool.


I deleted myself
Hey what's up. You're in p town? Would be grateful if we could get together and go for a boat ride I'm super green and will take all the help I can get. Am still in hyannis

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