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Ride Offered Roseville to Los Angeles

May 19, 2018
Current Location
Los Angeles
100% 0% 0%
Departing from: Roseville
Destination: Los Angeles
Date range: now (& again sometime soon)

I'm terrible at planning so this is a super last minute notice. Leaving within the next few hours. But I also do this drive a lot so if you live along the 5 or 99 and want to go north or south let me know and I'll hit you up next time I'm passing through. I drive between San Diego, Los Angeles and Roseville frequently.

This is also my first time posting on STP. So if I formatted this wrong or commit some social faux pas, please go easy on me.

About me: 30 year old queer. My car is fun and full of stickers. Not sure what else to say? Ask me questions if you have any.


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