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Gone Walkabout
Mar 5, 2017
Redcliffe, Qld
Rollo was one of the biggest influences to our punk scene her in Brisbane Australia, from the police state Pig City days in the 80's until this year he had a massive presence. Blowhard have had an impact on countless people here, they embodied the Brissy punk attitude. He passed away a couple months ago, suffering a heart attack just before he was meant to go on stage. The community here as been in mourning since.

I was going through a whole lot of personal shit when I heard the news, it tipped me over the limit. Total shock and surprise. So fucked.


On bass with the Fred Band in Dec 2018. Photo by Tracie Tee Live Events.

I only met the guy a handful of times, but he was always around and always going out of his way to help anyone and everyone out. It was surreal to be on the bill with Blowhard (with Rollo doing sound) for one of his final performances.


Standard. Photo by Tracie Tee Live Events.

The outpouring of love, generosity and support for his family has been beyond heartwarming. Brissy will never forget him. Blowhard have a plaque on the Valley Music walk for years (which always surprised me, even they're a crass ska punk band with a penchant for nudity), seeing flowers, beautiful words and the like left by it made me shed a tear.


He'll be remembered by anyone that ever saw, listened or just said g'day to him.


Have a listen

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StP Supporter
Jun 14, 2016
Cincinnati ,OH
Sorry for the loss: silver lining to everything tho. They just acquired a new fan here in the states . Listened to them all night at my bar in cincy! Multiple ppl commented tonight inquiring who was playing.! Love the sound they make

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