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Jan 20, 2010
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where ever i feel like goin next
i just kicked it with him the day before he died we were drinkin rum in the chruch yard off of saint marks then i find out hes dead alot of people here in nyc are talkin about a memorial i dont kno if its gunna happen or not hopefully it does rest in peace man we had sum shit show times

Ali Martin

Dec 13, 2013
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Yeah it was a really awful sad day. We got the call that Dassa was in the pound. So we spread word trying to find him. Then we got the terrible news that he had passed about an hour later. So we went to pick up Dassa and she went home with Toothless Dave, and is doing very well.
But of course after all that I had to make a million phone calls to make sure his closest friends would know before it was all over facebook. It was all very sad. He was a good friend and is missed terribly.

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