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Apr 20, 2007
Current Location
eastern shore of Maryland
anybody know any good rockabilly/psychobilly/punkabilly bands to check out..... please and thanx ...(is "punkabilly" even a word people use?...swear i've heard someone say it before..)
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Mar 3, 2010
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Suburbs Of Cleveland Ohio
Some good psychobilly and rockabilly bands are Deadbolt, Demented are Go, The Meteors, The Cramps, Los Gatos Locos, and The Tall Boys. I've heard the word punkabilly before to describe this band called The Living End, but not too sure on how good they are or not. And there's always good ole' hellbilly Hank III

dharma bum

Sep 9, 2010
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UNKNOWN HINSON!!! (also does the voice of early cuyler from the squidbillies)


Nov 13, 2010
Current Location
Reverend Horton Heat. Stray Cats. Batmobile. anything Brian Setzer. Chop Tops. The Meteors. The quakes. Coffin Nail. Dead Cats. Demented are go. Hank williams III. Hillbilly Hellcats. Hot Rod Circuit. Ill Billy Boys. Jack Scott. Koffin Cats. Sharks. th' legendary shake shakers. nashville pussies. the tomcats. zombie ghost train. 12 step rebels. theres a lot of good billy out there it just needs to be found. there use to be a good blog that gave you downloads. its a dieing music scene but theres some out there. if you still want more let me know ill give you some links..... most of this can be found via torrents or soulseek


Feb 18, 2010
Current Location
Little Rhody
Nekromantix are probably too mainstream and whatnot for most of y'all, but I like 'em.
along the same lines but more black country is the Coffinshakers.

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