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Jan 1, 2016
Vallejo, ca
Hey squatters!
So I'm heavily contemplating taking a ferret on the road with me

aside from the obvious legal issues in California, does anyone have any thoughts/advice on the matter?
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Feb 29, 2016
if your willing to give it love then why not there such beautiful animals there smart and down to earth do it why just have love and a peaceful mind set do it thats all you


Feb 14, 2012
Ferrets don't do well with high temps so you really need to try to avoid the heat with one in tow. If you search the forums, there's already a few threads out there about travelling with ferrets. Some have been successful, some haven't. Get them young! Same with dogs. Get a soft carry carrier and a harness! Train them to come to a certain sound. Ferrets are awesome creatures but have unique needs and are quite susceptible to certain diseases. Make sure you do yr research and know what yr getting yrself into. I've often longed to get a ferret again but dogs and rats are so much easier to travel with. Good luck :)


Mar 1, 2016
I've seen some people with pet Ferrets in California. I feel like most people wouldn't be like "oh you cant have that here I'm calling animal control on you" or anything. They're small enough you can always put it in your pack with a zipper cracked so it can still breath and then it'll be out of sight and out of mind when you're in California.

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i would be pretty weary about keeping a ferret around for a few reasons one being they can suffer from a few pretty serious health problems that could be made worse by being on the road. also personally im not a big fan of ferrets, they have a pretty unique odor thats imo pretty ripe. also their diets tend to be pretty regular, when they are young they get used to whatever kidn of food they are being fed and tend to want to eat that kind of food. they are kinda picky. of course this is just from what ive seen from a friend having a ferret while living in a steady place.

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