RIP Lucky from Kentucky

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why do people come on this site just to behave like assholes ? is there some perverse satisfaction in irritating a whole community of people ? \/ \/ \/ (not you Shaggy, the fool below you) \/ \/ \/
I saved a litter of puppies for a neighbor from the cold, now if i can get the shots {around 40$ max} i got me a baby blue pit.
Zero tolerance for the bullshit you insist.
I'm out here, see you!!
Brain is so scattered :(
cant stay still any longer
been down for a while now... stuck in one town all summer... got my job back at ski hill but dont have dr permission to work. oops
What a weekend! Thanks to everyone who came out for making this years Jamboree so incredible. You're all excellent. Come back again soon!
If I could afford an RV that would be great but living off my bicycle is good enough! Article on more and more people living in RVs, I say, why not? It's freedom!
going to try hitching with my dog next month, should go well, he loves car rides.

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