Riding the Rails in Mexico

May 14, 2018
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Hey guys, Looking for some info from anyone who has experience with the rails down here.
How are things with the cops? Are they harsher now after the crackdown on northbound migrants? Any potential problems with people fucking with riders in general? I've heard stories of coarse but I've learned to take mexico warning stories with salt.
Do the CCs work the same? 6-8 hours per crew and what not.

Also if anyone has any specific info on the north south ferromex line on the pacific side. I'm in mazatlan heading towards guadalajara, not sure if there is a CC here but maybe tepic?


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May 6, 2014
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I think a YouTuber by the name of Ilia Bondarev got familiar riding around Mexico one time. Other than a few chats with a police official or two, he was successful! You might have KCS Mexico and Ferromex running their lines god knows how far down south. But make sure you don't get anywhere near the border!

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