Video Revisiting Abandoned Things

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siid wrote on Juan Derlust's profile.
"You're never so drunk you'd eat a plate of shit someone offered you" so how would u say that in spanish ??
feeling very, very lost and very, very lonesome. I don't know if I want to slam Xanax bars and sleep, run, or just start screaming.
Woke up pulling into Amarillo with a frozen water jug now to make the Memphis run through Tulsa
Visiting San Diego for first time in 22 years!
Been spinning my wheels in Anchorage lately. Looked after some much needed dental work at UAA. Some of it had to be put off for a week as I was in the dental chair during the quake. That was some day...
Officially been back at the base for 2 weeks tomorrow. Somewhere along the way, I feel like I shifted to an alternate reality. Shit's just been a different kind of weird.
My stuff got stolen out of my work partner's car. Nothing I can't replace, but it's disheartening how desperate people will get.
booking fligths tomorrow for another month long road and rail trip around southwest usa... so done with winter !

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