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Mar 12, 2021
Hello StP,

Im Shakfox. Hello! Once upon a time, I lived in a warehouse in South Baltimore and serviced the local rave scene with places to kick it up. I was always at ends with the "commercial" club outlets and the "bro culure" that infiltrated everything PLUR.

Im older and wiser now, but myself and some of my cronies from back in the day have been playing with the idea of getting back in "the biz", but we dont want to get super involved in the clubs and we are nostalgic to the adventure and vibes of the late 90s/early 2000s mailing list and BBs squat parties.

Maybe this isnt the right place for me, and if not, Ill leave everyone alone, but I had my chapter of being young and bold. I got off the drugs, found a good wife, got a white collar job and Im otherwise a content paper pusher. That being said, there is that radical piece of me that will probably never die, and it is begging for an outlet.

If I can network in here to find some squats willing to coordinate some powwows in the DMV area then I would be super stoked and would be certainly willing and able to make sure anyone who works with us is made whole. If, however, this is not the forum for this sort of soliciation - well, Id hate to be a bother.

So anyway, hey. I hope I can make some friends and connections. Thanks for reading!

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