Reintroducing myself because I can’t post in urbex. (1 Viewer)


Nov 16, 2017
burnsville, North Carolina
Haxsys here. Trying to post some urbex stoof but I think since my account was reset it’s not allowing me in.

anyways, went toshing recently and we found all sorts of goodies. Knives, silverware, money, watches, Sapphire rings, cellphones, credit cards etcetera. We’ve found all kinds of crazy shit down there. Everything from tweeker hideouts filled with stolen electronics to a cache of AIDS medication valued at over $100K.

good haul for only two hours of work!

I’m going to be getting back into the hobby of exploring so expect more photos soon!


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Jan 20, 2014
United Snakes of America
I'm not only amazed at your finds, but I'm amazed that AIDS medication valued at $100k was left behind. I imagine that SOMEONE out there may find such a cache useful, which could net you .20 to .30 on the dollar if you are feeling generous.


Nov 16, 2017
burnsville, North Carolina
I suspect it was either a worker smuggling meds in the sewer, a person who stole the meds from a pharmacy and ditched them, or something I cannot imagine.

It really wasn’t as many bottles as you think, each bottle, according to google at the time was worth $8000 a piece.

It was pretty bizarre, and the place we found them made it weirder. The spot was almost impassible because of the methane gas buildup so it likely wasn’t just some random person walking through the tunnels.

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