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Aug 4, 2006
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Hey everyone, I thought it might be handy to start a list of changes to the website as they are made so if you're wondering what happened to a former feature, or are curious what a new function of the website is, you'll probably find it listed here.

October 9th, 2020:
  • I've finished hammering out the majority of issues that cropped up during the upgrade.
  • Updated almost all addons that needed it in order to work with XF 2.2.
  • Renewed software license for TH Donate ($15).
  • Purchased TH Covers license ($25).
  • Paid server hosting fees ($25), so we're paid up on that until the end of November.
  • Removed 10+ addons that were not critical to the site and were not compatible with XF 2.2.
October 3rd, 2020:
  • Huge update in the XF software from 2.1.11 to 2.2. This update is going to be bring a ton of new features that I will slowly be releasing to the community as soon as they are set up and tested. I'll post here and in the announcements forum when they go live.
September 3rd, 2020:
  • Moved useful content from Travel Guides section to the Destinations forum.
  • Removed the Travel Guides section and it's associated addon, since no one was using it.
  • Updated a few minor addons to latest versions.
August 15th, 2020:
  • Updated more addons than I can recall; most were just minor bug fixes.
July 25th, 2020:
July 14th, 2020:
June 27th, 2020:
  • Wow, finally finished setting up wikithreads. Basically they are wiki pages where anyone can add/edit information relating to that subject. More information on this update can be found in the announcement thread.
  • I did a complete audit of the user group permissions system and made a few corrections. Users might notice some new (very minor) options available that they didn't have before.
June 20th, 2020:
  • Increased character limit on user profile comments to 1000 (previous limit was 500).
June 19th, 2020:
June 13th, 2020:
  • Created this thread to track changes as they are made to the StP website.
  • Updated the project thread for StP HQ / Punk Rock RV Park.
  • Closed StP Project forum and merged topics with the suggestion box forum.
  • Changed suggestion box forum to Suggestions & Projects.
  • Started the wikithreads project and moved two threads into it. Members can now edit these pages.
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