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Mar 10, 2021
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I've been dreaming, literally and figuratively, bout hopping freight trains since I was a teenager. I live real close to the tracks here in the town I'm in. Been studying this yard a lot, talking to some of the train crew too. I work with a small construction co. directly next to the train yard so I get to watch the trains come in all day if I want to. But I really feel something in my heart about this. I'm a 25 year old female. Been thinking to catch the line up to Superior/Duluth area (I live in Central WI) this summer sometime, figuring out how to make that happen more and more everyday lately. But I'd go anywhere, really. I'm fortunate enough lately to not have nearly anything tying me down. Won't try anything of course unless I feel like I really got it together in my guts, and I don't think I'd go at it alone. An old flame of mine hopped trains, few friends also, they sorta opened my eyes more, made my dreams brighter.

Been hoping to catch someone somewhere in town who'd be on my wavelength and want to join me, but no luck so far... still high hopes that I'll meet someone who's picking up what I'm putting down somewhere along the way. But in the mean time I thought it wouldn't hurt to reach out here and see if anyone feels what I feel and seeks what I seek.

I mean, plain and simple, everything about trains makes me really fuckin excited and I want to be on one. I'm taken by the spirit of it, the grit, the adventure, the things most voluntary (or involuntary) nomads are taken by. I could go on and on about all my rhymes n reasons so please reach out if you're into what I'm getting at!

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Mar 28, 2021
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Feeling the same!
Had the opportunity a few years ago. Glad I waited to learn more and not be a danger to myself an others, cause damn more goin on there then I’d thought. But the itch has only gotten more itchy haha. I started my journey from the Midwest too!! (actually even hitched out from Wisconsin!!!) I hope you find your train an have safe travels!!

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