Dec 6, 2017
Mason city, IA
hello everyone. I'm new to the traveling and squatting world, I'm from Wisconsin and I call myself Rasputin for a few different reasons but mainly I'm hard to kill. I guess you could call me Steven seagal but that doesn't have a nice of ring to it. Most recently I hitchhiked from Davenport, IA to Madison, wi. That was my first big impromptu adventure and since I've traveled as far away as Denver and all around the Midwest. Currently I'm staying in Thompson, IA and am looking for a travel companion and a new adventure. I typically fly by the seat of my pants with no budget, so yeah it gets hairy sometimes but whoever lives on level 10 usually provides in one way or another. I have a lot of stories but I'm hesitant to tell some until we're around an actual campfire or I imagine I'll watch your hair turn white.
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Born Wild
StP Supporter
Mar 22, 2017
Spun Junction CO
also i am pretty sure, you have no clue who you are talking to.... people have been doing this for a long time man, there prolly aint shit you can tell us thats gonna make our "hair turn white"... idk you from atom but my first judgmental thought is just that your ego is huge due to some experiances you have had and im guessing some if not a lot of them were oogle stunts. please if im wrong inform us. for you have built yourself up to be mighty.... and i would love to for my hair to turn white...

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I deleted myself
welcome tp stp steven seagal.

remember that time you shit yer pants from being in a headlock? or how you lie about everything having to do with martial arts?


I deleted myself
Cockroaches... Roaches are also hard to kill and I'm pretty sure the one that I was having a conversation with the other night lied about his martial arts prowess. Therefore, Steven Seagal must be a huge fucking cockroach!! That makes complete and total sense in my mind!

Welcome to the spot. I think just about everyone is a survivor here!


Feb 29, 2016
Omaha , Nebraska
welcome , ill travel with you if we get along , shit get to my neck of the woods and we can head a few different places

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