R.I.P. Vern (Asshole) (1 Viewer)


Nov 29, 2009
He was living at the Drunk Tank in Los Angeles for a while. I dont know details but heard he was hit/fell off a train in Needles or somewhere near by on June 27th.

Rest in Peace man. You were such a sweetheart, I'll miss seeing your face
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Jan 7, 2010
i just heard about this and relentlessly searched for more information, i used to squat with this old tore up scraggly shithead in orange county in 06/07 but hadnt seen or heard from him in years, he was one of the greatest and craziest people i ever knew but he was smart as shit. i love you uncle asshole! rest in piss, not my wishes but i know you will be regardless. fuck man :/ serious....this is terrible. missed you before, now even more. youre always a fucking champion!


Feb 14, 2010
Salem Oregon
I remember this guy, I just found out last summer about this :(. It is super sad I met him awhile back in Ca. Matt Hazard told me about this. R.i.p man..


Nov 2, 2020
I knew Vern. He was a Fullerton local for many years. A bit of a drunk, but he was a funny dude. Countless times he spoke on going to burning man, and leaving town. One day he was gone, a few months later we heard the tragic news. ASSHOLE your name will live on as a legend. I knew he was dying of liver serosis, and had heard a rumor that he was pushed off that train. Rest easy old sport.

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