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Jackie 4321

Jul 30, 2020
West Virginia
Well I got my self place for few weeks . But it because I have been exposed to covid . I don't feel sick or anything . I'm sooooo bored I got food and tobacco . Spending holidays alone . Any suggestions how to pass time
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Apr 6, 2013
Get on the internet and read all the crazy conspiracy msg boards... while drinking a lot of alcohol till you get paranoid and believe that Niburu is on the way and your mother sister is a reptilian feeding on your brown eye chakra.

At least thaz my suggestions from a life time of experienchoouality.





Also after a year of covid...

All I gotta say is check out lines!!!

At least now I have a reason to turn around and yell BACK OFF MOTHERFUCKER!
To the moron cart pushers in line.

N I'm a sensitive fella... but been told I look scary.

Something like a Dark Souled Bearded Russian in that Hot Steam Room you don't want to have eyeing you in a tiny tiny towel.



Well... suffice to say... while shopping... groceries exspeciallyastically...

I don't want no neck breather fucking with my space... ever... pandemic or not.

I have held this opinion way before this COVID horseshit so...

Thank you and goodnight.


Burrito fund contributor
StP Supporter
Dec 23, 2020
Southern California
Whatcha doing tonight? Me, I'm here online, prolly going to bed around 11, tho I may see it through to the new year. My beloved crazy bio sister in Oregon sent a flippin bottle of champagne and some orange juice to the place I'm staying, by Amazon delivery, and I'm enjoying an adult beverage. :)
I'm pretty sure I'm crashing before midnight.
I've been spending time deep diving into organization who say they "help the homeless". I tend to be challenging, but I have an appointment on Tuesday to talk to some folks with a nonprofit out of NY, who were looking for 'advisors' who had experience with homelessness. In their abundant mission statement documents, I found they mentioned 'people who intentionally live without a dwelling', and it made me like them more. :)
It's how I'm spending my time, lol.
Hope all is well with you, and you're still warm and fed, with enough smokes. :)

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