Puppy/Dog Training while hopping/out&about (1 Viewer)

ariana kelly

Nov 1, 2011
oakland, ca
Hi, I was wondering if anyone would be willing to share their secrets to on the go dog training!

Basically, the information that I am looking for would pertain to:

Suggestions to media that may be helpful to this topic (books in particular so I have something to read on the train, hah. but also videos, links, zines, etc)

Personal tips & tricks from genuine dog loving people geared towards "positive dog training" preferably. As well as advice geared towards raising an "orphaned" puppy (one taken from its mother sooner than it should have been )

Any other useful information about travellin' dawgz.
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Aug 19, 2011
North Coast of Scotland
Clicker training is brilliant. You can make a free clicker by using one of the jar lids with the 'pop-up' seal feature.
Here's a video where a woman with a massive dog explains it. It really is like getting a translation device that enables you to communicate with your dog.

The basic idea is simple, you click the clicker and give the dog a treat. The dog starts to associate the click sound with the treat, so you can use the clicker to mark the behaviour you want, at the exact instant that the dog is doing what you want. It's like being able to say, "Yes, that's it. I want you to do exactly that thing" to your dog and having them understand. It's great for getting a dog motivated, they really respond to it.

Apologies if this is stuff you already know. :)


Jun 19, 2011
Sit with your dog for about 30 minutes a few times a day and whenever he looks at you reward him. In a few days hell pretty much ignore all distractions.

And try to teach your dog before meals theyll associate their meals with what theyre learning.


I deleted myself
Love love love love your dog.
Make sure your dog knows it is the most important part of your life!!

Everything and I do mean everything revolves aroung my dog and she knows it.
In return I have the perfect companion.

Lastly, never be angry with your dog.

If my advice sounds to basic its because I feel we are equals.
Me and my dog that is...

And she is my first dog too!!
Lastly, make sure your dog never goes hungry or thirsty or into a situation it is not comfortable with.
Keep your dog warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Remember: the quality of your dogs life depends entirely on you.


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Aug 26, 2007
Find someone who is doing the free range shepherding. Training a dog while traveling is possible, but its better to take a break, and get your dog prepared for the trip. Sheep dogs are probably the best trained animals I can imagine, and the program takes about 2 months. It is important that your animal is the right age, so this might now work so well for rescue dogs. These free range shepherds know how to train, and are often quite happy to have some company. You can find them pretty often on BLM land. As far as dog training goes, nothing beats a shepherding dog, honestly. They will not listen to anyone but you, and they will follow your orders perfectly.


Dec 4, 2011
Raleigh, NC
You can teach a dog just about anything based on these principals.

Teaching phase - usually use food reward (with high drive dogs toys are more effective.)
teaching it's not ok phase - minor food reward - punishment (varies GREATLY on temperament)
Learned phase - nothing but what you know is acceptable - punishment only (again, varies GREATLY on temperament.) after punishment and consecutive act of good behavior reward.

Now, the most important things for you to know/follow
consistency, this is number 1. if he sits on monday he sits on tuesday
reward/punishment>distraction - this is a very important thing, and most people wind up abusing their dog because of a simple lack of a very hard correction the first time. Not a relaxed no 1000 times.
Bodylanguage, recognize your dogs body language and be aware of yours as well. Don't run yelling at a dog expecting it to come. And dont kneel down a speak in a high pitch voice "stay"


May 3, 2010
Currently NH
What ever you do, DO NOT use the whole "alpha/domination theory" methods. It was proven a long time ago to not only be a loud of shit, but also it could emotionally damage your dog. NILIF (Nothing In Life Is Free), positive reinforcement, and clicker training are all the best places to start.

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