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plastic wingnut in a microwave
Sep 23, 2009
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folks who know me have my #.
ok.. an explanation of title...
in Memory of Jaybone..

goddamn, poor jaybone, you poor fucking beautifull, hardcore bastard..

you godamned poor, poor, fucking shitheaded idiot *fucking fucking* bastard...

i will think of you, while the sun tells us
what she becomes
when death knows Her..

i am going to claim *partial* bragging rights, to a certain extent..
john li's post is here:


mine is here:


john has indicated the maxima of the eclipse..
i have a gif for *2015* & a heads up for the 2017, in mine..

looking at john's post... well yeah.. it is hell yes sure up that somewhere around 10 million will be gathered along the primary path.. & the Jambo window, may, in fact, fall in there pretty good, or a *pre-Jambo* window..

dig this, though.. there are going to be *thousands* of commercial ventures, & *hundreds* of non-comercial.. (StP, <as per J. Li>, Rainbow, freakswhatever) lined up to do this..
that means there are resources to be consolidated..
that means https://squattheplanet.com/members/14199/ (i hope that fucking linked right) and any other library staff are going to deserve to be wherever the pre 2017 / 2017 Jamboree is, if it is on the eclipse path..

now dig..

i can call in favors from a farm that people can camp at, almost indefinitely, or i can call in favors from my sister.. both within *about* 2 hours or less of the maxima, as per J. Li's research.

we can, in fact, do the Jambo at the Nathelie, VA farm, in its entirety. & may even be able to (though it is a remote, remote possibility) resurrect the shorty school bus that the fucking redneck killed, if we get enough brainpower to counteract his infinite, infinite, infinite greed & stupidity (& infinitely stupid * angry response..)//

if so, StP may have a fucking bus, bit that is just puffy talk, at the moment, although the Jambo (or pre-Jambo) at the farm is real..

anyways.. John is correct, though.. should be cool.. hell.. maybe we can house up some tourists, too???
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