Seeking Ride Pottsville PA to anywhere else

May 13, 2018
Current Location
Pottsville PA
0% 0% 0%
Departing from: Pottsville PA
Destination: Anywhere else but here.
Date range: a.s.a.p.

About me:

My name is Josh but people call me Slab. I am a 31 yr old male. I'm super friendly. I like art and playing the guitar. I travel light. Just me and my pack. No dog but I do love dogs. I took a break from traveling about a month ago but I can't take PA anymore. I grew up here so yeah... I'm looking for a ride to wherever. Preferably north or west but anywhere but here is cool with me. I'd even be cool with finding a road dog and just wandering around aimlessly. I take pride in my gas jugging skills so we would never have to worry about gas. I usually play guitar and busk for money or just fly. I like any kind of music but any category of rock is my first preference. That's about all I can think of at the moment. If you would like any other details please feel free to ask.

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