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Seeking Ride Oklahoma to Michigan & in between

Discussion in 'Ride Board' started by nobrains, May 17, 2018.

  1. nobrains

    nobrains Pilgrim

    Aug 2, 2014
    proffessional goof-off
    Owasso, Oklahoma, United States
    My Website(s):
    +39 / -2
    Local Time:
    6:36 PM
    Departing from: Tulsa OK
    Destination: Grand Rapids, Michigan
    Date range: Within the next 2 weeks

    About me:

    I'm going from Tulsa OK to near Grand Rapids MI for work over the next two weeks or so. I hope to be there by July 1st. I'd like to meet up with some folks headed my way and catch a jump!

    I play guitar. Crust & folk. 420 friendly. I can drive, gas jug, spange to help. I might also have some pitch on gas, depending on how shit goes. If you wanna meet me somewhere along the way I can do my best, but I won't feel comfortable leaving too far off my route unless you're for sure gonna pick me up. I like to crew up. Might have extra work. No dog. Not schwilly. Easy going.