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Nov 26, 2018
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San Jose, CA
Hello all, my name is Aaron. I am 42, living in San Jose, CA. I have lived here my entire life and someday I hope to get out of here. I have no idea where to go though.
I'm often called a loser, deadbeat, and other insulting things because I'm an old guy who never left my parents' house, didn't graduate college, and I still work a low income job in retail. I guess I understand why I'm looked down at but its not like I purposely chose a lower path in life. Its hard to explain. I won't elaborate on this because I don't want to write a whiny intro.
Anyway, I have an inner feeling that I will be forced to finally hit the road someday, so thats why I joined this site. I have always dreamt with admiration for the drifter's lifestyle, or at least the idea of not being stuck in one place for long. I realize the harsh reality of survival is far from what my imagination perceives. So I hope to expand my knowledge by reading everything you all write about and make appropriate preparations so that when I finally do leave the nest, I will go with a readied plan in mind.
Thanks for reading this. I wish I had something cool or funny to say but I really don't.
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Aug 19, 2018
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Who cares what the haters think. You've made it 42 years without getting murdered. You have a safe place to sleep at night. And your holding down a job. That sounds like an accomplishment to me.

If you start comparing yourself to other people, you'll never be good enough. Just be thankful for what you have.
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Jul 20, 2018
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Milwaukee Wisconsin
Welcome Aboard Aaron!!!

Don't worry about the name calling, I've been called names too, the name calling means nothing! Age is just a number! Heck, there's people in their 60s, 70s and 80s out there doing alternative traveling.

You have the right attitude! Do some research on this site, put some money away whatever amount you can afford and just get out and enjoy the adventure in traveling, you'll be happy you did!

Again, Welcome to STP, You're in the right place!!!
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Jun 26, 2014
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Bonn, Germany

Welcome to StP!

I'm an old guy who never left my parents' house, didn't graduate college, and I still work a low income job in retail.
Don't worry about that. I started traveling 2014 at age of 41. Never had left my parent's house as well, did not graduate from University were I spend ahem a few years. Was not really what I wanted to do, I just decided to help family as they needed help.

Travelled for like 3 years, mostly in England. Was the best time in my life! :)

Now back in Germany, helping my family again but hoping to hit the road again soon!
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Oct 16, 2015
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everyone hears the insults at some point and a lot of people i think very often. i finished college and have lived in various places without family or friends and let me tell you, the bullshit never ever ends no matter who you are or what you accomplish. with a lot of shitfolk it's always Oh but you didnt do this, why dont you have this - it's all perspective - altho that's my opinion and I'm a few years younger so I tell you this:

an uncle of mine is around 60 and in very good form with a good career blah blah masters degree an shit. and still a cool guy with some good values I think. He has some issues with depression an such and once unsolicited went on this..not rant but a little ditty.. about how "he was taught" There is and always will be someone smarter about whatever subject, that can run faster. with more money. doesnt have this problem. that problem. funnier. better looking. more well traveled and had better luck in this/that la la la...Basically what I took from it is Be happy with who you are - & I would add - recognize the weakness in the insults you will inevitably hear.

anyway welcome and may you find what you're looking for, and if it happens to be something you think I'd be useful for by all means shoot me a message
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