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Feb 21, 2010
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Comal County Tejas
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I guess you could say that i'm a modern day 40's housewifey, without the house or the ability to leave to see my fiance. I'm very sweet and caring and will love anyone who will let me because i desperatley am in need of ppl i can relate to. I was adopted in comal county a few years ago by the same ppl whom had adopted my mother, which is very complicated because you remeber your past when your 14 and when your new "parents are growing into their late 60's and your aunt is now your sister and your siblings are now distant relatives that you cant see. theirs no shortage of isolation. My adoptive family knows how to use emotional blackmail and they use it well, so here i am given ever chance to be held down but i try to live my life as normally as possible. Ive got no use for the past. I want to make ppls lives better, starting with my fiance i make deals and gives up almost everything to see him, because i want to... constantly having to make deals with my family to leave the house but it will all pay off because soon i will gather up enough guts to leave them and start a life on my own.

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Flying to Portugal tomorrow! Fuck yeah.
12 days before flying out of the states; working through the very last day and milking the job for all i can get! but little time for much else, making a few quality occasions will tie it all together ^_^
Squatting truck stops in a school bus...
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yes, research is my middle name....if i'd done more as a young'un i don't think life would have kicked my a** as bad as it did
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yea - i do try to eat healthy and walk a lot. im kind of obsessed with it actually. gotta keep that pitta in check, depressed and inflamed is not how i want to spend another winter !
Looking to meet traveling buddies. Seeking an adeveture. Let's do this✌
Since they say God is power, I took it as if he runs his own power company. Haven't seen a bill from him ever since...
At the dentist now, in the hot seat!

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