Newbie's random questions - regrets, motivation, plans etc.


Jun 22, 2017
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Dallas, Texas
Newbie here, asking some random questions, because I can't come up with a neat all encompassing question that would satisfy my interest. I realize people's circumstances vary widely, so I expect the answers to vary accordingly. But those questions are very relevant to my personal situation and choices I'm considering, and that I might expand on later.

I will try to formulate 3 specific questions:

1) for those who are living this lifestyle (meaning the loosely defined lifestyle generally reflected on this forum) by choice more than necessity, are you ever tempted to get back to a "normal" life? What are your regrets, if any? If you gave up a good career that you will unlikely get back into again, I'm especially interested to hear from you (here or via pm).

2) what overall motivates you, besides necessity? Do you get tired of the traveling, of having to invest energy into things that could so much easier be accomplished with more conventional means/money?

3) Do you have a plan for retirement, or for a time of medical emergencies, future illness, possible physical decline? Do you have plans in general that go beyond day to day travel?
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Jan 7, 2017
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Fuck Off Land
Nice questions!

Well, Personally- I live the lifestyle I do, because of necessity, and choice. My decision was based upon my well-being, and overall optional happiness. If I were to continue working 9-5, five days a week, and paying rent to a landlord, I was always constricted by deadlines, and contracts. Keeping me from doing, and having the energy for things that brought me individual happiness. Thus, continuing my depression. Seasonal work is the most structural job I ever volley upon, now. Maybe settling for a couple of months, and going from there. No pressure to stay, or climb a stupid theoretical ladder.
I've always strived to be a "jack of all trades". So, I know if for some reason I felt as though I needed to settle down for a while, I could re-integrate myself into the work force no problem.

You get tired out here. But, I like a challenge. It's a different kind of tired. Due to making physical progress, and miles- instead of a hamster wheel. I do not need money, to ease my adventures. Money comes, and goes.

It's always nice to have a little bit of cushion (money saved) for a time that you're really in a shitty situation. Be that.. You fucked up your ankle, and need a motel room for a couple of nights to rest, or- maybe you've been stuck in a shitty town for three days, and need a cab ride to a better spot because nobody is picking you up, or the cops won't leave you alone.
But really, I was having more health problems before I hit the road. Weird enough.
You just figure it out as you go.
I'm still rather young, so I don't give a shit about retirement.

Food for thought. Good luck!
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Sep 15, 2017
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everytime i see yuppies scurrying around, i laugh cruelly, mercilessly, and diabolically. Or when bourgeois talk about memorial day weekend, or labor day weekend, or when sheeple complain about their mortgage or the price of gas. Bwahahahaha!!!!! Who knowz, whatever makes em happy. But i dont limit myself to doin stuff according to what day it is or which month it is. I am nihilist. And i sound my barbaric yawp oer the rooftops of the world.


Jun 22, 2017
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Dallas, Texas
Thanks, dumpster, good point about calling it both a choice and necessity due to mental health. I have saved up quite a bit of a cushion, and expect to do so for at least another year with plenty of extended breaks in between work. I currently have the luxury of sort of the best of both worlds: a very good job that is also very flexible and allows me to take months at a time off to sort if "try out" a different lifestyle. I know ultimately I'll quit my career, it's just a matter of how much of a cushion I want, to be sure I won't regret giving up my current situation too soon. I'm thinking of mostly doing seasonal work eventually and keep most of my cushion for actual emergencies or retirement. I'm kinda particular of not wanting to rely on any "handouts" at all. Once I quit my career for a few years, it would be very difficult to get back to, so I have to be sure I'm not going to have regrets later. So now it's sort of time to learn new skills, try things out, and prepare for some major changes that are sure to come in the not too far future.


Nov 4, 2017
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Conway Arkansas USA
1. Regrets i have are probabally feeling like i somehow made a path formyself that would make people i love sad, thats all.
2. No, i cannot stand staying in one place at all its the reason i dropped out of school as a kid its the reason i began travelling in the first place ETC
3. The plan is to die before im old enough to be forced to retire.


I deleted myself
Regrets are not doing it sooner , I've been on the roads , rails for 18 years off and on .
Pros I worked in a field that trained me for this anyway. No mention of that but the pros are if you want to live off the grid then it's easy if you want that life.
Only complaint is seeing the same places time and time again . Do not ever pattern yourself to travel always keep off the straight and narrow
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