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Mar 11, 2016
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Hebron, Ohio
Hello! We are Josh and katy! So a little about us. Last year we hitch hiked across the US from east coast to west coast. Starting we made our way to Missouri so I (Josh) could meet Katy's family, as we had basically just stared dating.. Crazy right? But hey when you meet that one person. Then after that we headed back to Ohio so she could meet my mother. We started to make our way to the east coast, south and North Carolina, hung out on the beach for a good while, then made the decision to go ahead and make our way west. We were able to get rides pretty easy and made our way pretty fast, ending up in San Francisco. After running low on money and finding it hard to find places to rent so we could work, we headed back to Ohio to work for a little bit. Our plan was just to work and head back on the road since we were now bitten by the travel bug. We came up with the idea to get a pop up camper, and figured since we have lived out of a tent this would be a basic step up. That of course evolved into wanting a travel trailer after much research since this would be our home. So for months we have been saving our money to buy a travel trailer and now we have it, but the wait to get back on the road is killing us, but at least we are living on the cheap. Luckily neither of us have any interest in owning a house or staying stationary. We desire life.. Living, being happy... Tho while that may by difficult while living in Ohio, we know it's not much longer.



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Sometimes traveler is traveling.
Jul 28, 2011
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Rochester, NY
Love it! Excellent intro and welcome to STP - and I could definitely do that space - looks awesome!!!

I am moving this out to our rubber tramping subforum so this doesn't get lost in the daily additions and please keep us updated on your travels :) And enjoy life :)

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