New to the forum, looking for advice on train hopping and hitchhiking (1 Viewer)

Dec 10, 2018
Springfield, MO
Hello, I just made an account and figured I should make an introductory post.

I am going to be in the same place until july-ish and I don't have experience with hitchhiking or train hopping. I was glad I came across this website because there aren't very many sites about these subjects, and ones that do cover them seem to have little content.

I like reading and fishing. I enjoy music but I don't really play any instruments. It does seem like it might be a good idea to pick an instrument up though (if anyone has suggestions or advice on that, let me know).

Sorry for using "I" so much, my writing skills aren't the best.
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Feb 11, 2017
Montreal, Canada
Hi and welcome !! I find it very useful having an instrument on the road. I'd say, pick a small one.
If it's your first time playing music, don't.pick.guitar. It's hard, big, and everyone plays it better anyways (the world doesn't need more guitarists, sorry guitarists).
Having a string instrument to sing with is nice though, and if you go busking, it's nice to offer something "complete" (like playing an instrument + singing). I've been playing the uke for two years and I'm having a lot of fun with it. It's rather mainstream, everybody plays it, but it's ridiculously easy to carry around and you can fin cheap ones that aren't so bad.
The mandolin is about the same size but it's slightly harder on the fingers and it was not designed to play chords but melodies, so left hand positions are harder than the uke AND it's even more high pitched.

Another great thing about the uke : strings (almost) never break. Guitar strings do though, and they aren't cheap !

You could also decide to pick a soloist instrument, with which you can play melodies. That could be the saxophone (it's actually pretty easy), the flute (it doesn't look super badass, though), the clarinet (warning : I heard it's way more difficult than the saxophone), the fiddle (but unless you're a really good player it does sound like shit)... The harmonica is a good one though, because it allows you to express emotions more than a lot of other instruments, and it's small and light (you'll need one for every key though) (unless you play chromatic)

(what's written is only what I think about the instruments below, I'm not asserting anything, just trying to be funny, y'know)

You should play music !!
Also, practice singing as much as you can, it's the best instrument to carry around you'll ever have


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Nov 29, 2018
Boulder Creek Ca
What is the musical term for flinging an accordion 50 ft into a dumpster, where it smashes a banjo, a ukulele, and a set of bagpipes? . . . “Perfect Pitch”

Welcome. I am in the same boat as you, you will get lots of good advice here. Me, can’t even play a kazoo.
Jul 20, 2018
Milwaukee Wisconsin
Welcome Aboard to STP community!

You say you like to read? I Highly recommend Matt Derrick's book: The Anarchist's Guide to Travel which can be purchased right here on the STP store or Amazon and I also Highly recommend: The Hobo Handbook A Field Guide To Living Your Own Rules by Josh Mack available at Amazon.

And don't forget the Hitchhiking and Train Hopping Threads on this site. Good Luck!


Sometimes traveler is traveling.
Jul 28, 2011
Rochester, NY
Welcome to STP! And a great idea to study up first before traveling - we have several subforums loaded with good traveling information that should be useful. Have fun!


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Oh yea Hi and welcome

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